We would like to remind all couples to control their email adresse before they complete their entry form!! Otherwise you cannot change or cancel your entry form our competition. At the moment we have more mailer-daemons than in the last years. thx

written by Thomas Köpf on May 25th, 2015

New registration system for DTV ( German D-A Class ) comeptitions for german and foreign couples. Further information you can find here:


written by Ivo Münster on May 21st, 2015

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

written by Michael Cremer on Apr 29th, 2015

From now on there is the possibility to book our Shuttle-Service from the airports Düsseldorf International (DUS), Cologne-Bonn (CGN) and Dortmund (DTM). Please use this booking form.

There is also the possibility to book a Hotel-Shuttle from the “Tryp by Windham Hotel” to the historical townhall and back. More information can be found here.


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From today on couples can register themself via the following link for the WDSF Competions on the danceComp 2015.

Entry form.


written by Ivo Münster on Apr 16th, 2015

The danceComp 2015 is already casting shadows.

Detailed information about which competitions will be held, the (preliminary) timetable as well as details concerning the registration  are now available for the competitors.

As always there are rooms available in nearby hotels. There will also be a shuttle-service, information will follow shortly.

Be part of the 12th editions of this dancesport-highlight!

written by Tim Wattenberg on Feb 11th, 2015

Are you looking for Christmas presents?
We have got an idea for you:
We have received the tickets for our next great event in Germany. 

If you like to visit us, please order your tickets now!

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Please notice at our homepage worthwhile again.

It will be gradually released updates for the 12th danceComp.

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

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If you lost something during the danceComp weekend at the venue please contact : dagmar.stockhausen@tnw.de

We will keep the found items for 2 weeks. After this period we will despose them.

written by Volker Hey on Jul 6th, 2014

2014-07-06_dC-WO_Lat458122 couples participated in the WDSF World Open Latin, started at the early afternoon. It took till 21:00 pm for the final to occur. Marius-Andrei Balan / Nina Bezzubova dominated from the very beginning getting even better with each round to follow.
They won each single dance and clearly greeted their third dC-gold medal.
Runner´s up for all dances became Pavel Pasechnik / Marta Arndt, the last year´s thirds.
Anton Aldaev / Natalia Polukhina suceeded by raising up from sixth place in the last year to the third one in this year.

The field of places fourth to six was hard-fought. The fourth place went to Guillem Pasqual / Rosa Carne, followed by Juan Manuel Gomez / Marina Mangione ranked fifth.
Cseke Zsolt Sandor / Anzhela Kuryshova achieved the sixth place in this exciting tournament.

1. Marius-Andrei Balan / Nina Bezzubova, Schwarz-Weiß-Club Pforzheim (5)
2. Pavel Pasechnik / Marta Arndt, TSC Astoria Karlsruhe (10)
3. Anton Aldaev / Natalia Polukhina, Russland (15)
4. Guillem Pascual / Rosa Carne, Spanien (22)
5. Juan Manuel Gomez / Marina Mangione, Spanien (24)
6. Cseke Zsolt Sandor / Anzhela Kuryshova, Ungarn (29)

Zum Ergebnis

written by Petra Dres on Jul 6th, 2014

dC_Senior_1Due to modification in the age regulations and couples with age classes changed four places in the final were vacant. Four places 134 couples started fighting for from 11.30 pm on. But it was up to Christian and Elena Bono from Italy to steal the show from the very first round and to win the WDSF Open Standard Senior I. French Bruno Petit / Estelle Rollin had a successful entry into the danceComp by winning the silver-medal at their first start in Wuppertal. Ranks three and four went to “well-known guests” that merely changed last year´s result. Zdenek Pribyl/Lenka Pribylova from Czechia, second oft he world ranking, became third followed by the second French couple Pierre Payen/Isabelle Reyjal. In preparation of this competition two German couples well-founded hoped for entering the final. Newcomers Andreas Lippock/Karin Eva Rode made it happen instantly by achieving two fourth places, one fith and two sixth places. They placed themselves on the fith rank followed by Thorsten Zirm/Sonja Schwarz.

1. Christian Bono/Elena Bono, Italien (6,0)
2. Bruno Petit/Estelle Rollin, Frankreich (14,0)
3. Zdenek Pribyl/Lenka Pribylova, Tschechische Republik (15,0)
4. Pierre Payen/Isabelle Reyjal, Frankreich (17,0)
5. Andreas Lippok/Karin Eva Rode, TC Royal Oberhausen (25)
6. Thorsten Zirm/Sonja Schwarz, Blau-Gold Casino Darmstadt (28,0)

written by Gaby Schuck-Michels on Jul 6th, 2014

danceComp 2014 - WDSF Open Senior II LatinIn the early morning 32 couples entered the competition of the Senior II Latin. Markus and Stephanie Grebe, recent winners of the national German Cup, and won the WDSF Senior II Latin competition in all five dances.
Runner´s up became Michael and Claudia Sawang placed before Georg Rroeker / Susanne Schantora. The Belgium couple Jean-Huhues Henneghien / Eun-Sook Scherf were happy about their fourth place. The judges saw Ullrich and Carmen Sommer ranked fifth, wehile Achim Hobel / Kerstin Hahn achieved the sixth place.

1. Markus Grebe / Stephanie Grebe
2.Michael Sawang / Claudia Sawang
3.Georg Broeker / Susanne Schantora
4.Jean-Hugues Henneghien / Eun-Sook Scherf
5.Ullrich Sommer / Carmen Sommer
6.Achim Hobl / Kerstin Hahn

written by Volker Hey on Jul 6th, 2014

The last final is still dancing and still is the 11th danceComp not over. But already, the overwhelming number of accesses is present on the Livestream. The media provider MultiBC recorded 15.000 accesses to the danceComp event over the past two and a half days. This means a tripling of interest in comparison to past years. The fact that the access was free this year, is due to the many participating sponsors.

written by Gaby Schuck-Michels on Jul 6th, 2014

Seniors IV Standard showed up a conditionally notable performance dancing for four rounds and a semi final carried out in one group.
The following two German couples reached the final: Joachim and Gisela Goetze became sixth while Hand-Wolfgang and Angelika Scheuer became fourth achieving two third places in Vienese waltz and Quickstep. Hereby they relegated italian Giuseppe Iannazzi / Silvana Uzzoli to rank five though getting fourth in four dances. Places on the podium went to Nederland and Italy.
Jaap and Marianne Willemstein placed themselves on the third place behind their fellow countrymen Bram and Ans Stelling. By winning all dances the world champignons of the category Luca D´Andrea / Regina Scerrato became first.

1. Luca D´Andrea / Regina Scerrato, Italy (5)
2. Bram Stelling / Ans Stelling, Netherlands (10)
3. Jaap Willemstein / Marianne Willemstein, Netherlands(18)
4. Hans-Wolfgang Scheuer / Angelika Scheuer, Rot-Weiss Casino Mainz (20)
5. Giuseppe Iannazzi / Silvana Uzzoli, Italy (22)
6. Joachim Goetze / Gisela Goetze, TSG Bremerhaven (30)


written by Kim Weber on Jul 6th, 2014

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