dc 2015The hottest dancesport event in Germany “the danceComp 2015” is over. From the around 2.550 registered couples 2.100 took part.

Couples from 41 Nations and several spectators visited us in Wuppertal and we would like to thank  them all for joining us, even the weather was very hot. Also a big “Thank you” goes to all judges, staff, volunteers and helpers who made this event possible. With out you all we are nothing and the “danceComp” would not be possible.We are all looking very much forward to welcome you all again next year in Wuppertal – danceComp 01.-03. July 2016 !!!!


Norbert Jung & Ivo Münster

written by Ivo Münster on Jul 8th, 2015

2015-07-05_FundbueroThe lost property office of the danceComp can be reached under the following contact address:


Dagmar.Stockhausen@tnw.de – TelNr. +49 (0)212/6500887


From 06. – 16.07.2015 and again from 01.08.2015

written by Volker Hey on Jul 6th, 2015

The dozenth danceComp is history. Again it was wonderful that so many couple from home and abroud found the way to Wuppertal. The organisation-team of the danceComp wants to say thank you for your participation. It also wants to say thank you to all judges, tournament leaders and the numerous, diligent assistants behind the scenes. Without you an event of this dimension would not be possible.

We wish you all a trouble-free trip home and we are looking forward to see you all again next year.
Date for the 13. danceComp: 1. – 3. July 2016.

written by Volker Hey on Jul 5th, 2015

Jul 5, 2015 - Wuppertal, Germany. 12. danceComp. (Credit Image; vstudio.photos)

Jul 5, 2015 – Wuppertal, Germany. 12. danceComp. (Credit Image; vstudio.photos)

With a huge highlight the six finalist of the World Open Latin Tournament ended the danceComp 2015. The last gold medal of the weekend were handed over to Marius Andrei Balan/Khrystyna Moshenska. The couple was very confident and left the other 108 couples behind them and drew spectators and judges in their spell. For Marius this was already the fourth danceComp gold medal. The silver medal went to  Anton Aldaev/Natalia Polukhina. With three third and one fourth and fifth place Marek Bures/Anastasia Kadjeh-Nouri occupied the bronze medal before Jokubas Venckus/Migle Klubsaite. The third German couple, Artur Balandin/Anna Salita, danced successfully in the final. In the overall standings they reached fifht place with three fifth and two fourth places in front of Alexandru Iounut Miculescu/Andra Pacurar.

1. Marius-Andrei Balan/Khrystyna Moshenska, Schwarz-Weiß Club Pforzheim (6)

2. Anton Aldaev/Natalia Polukhina, Russia (10)

3. Marek Bures/Anastasia Khadjeh-Nouri, TSC Astoria Stuttgart (18)

4. Jokubas Venckus/Migle Klubsaite, Lithuania (19)

5. Artur Balandin/Anna Salita, TTC Rot-Weiss-Silber Bochum (23)

6. Alexandru Ionut Miculescu/Andra Pacurar, Romania (30)

written by Gaby Schuck-Michels on Jul 5th, 2015

Jul 5, 2015 - Wuppertal, Germany. (Credit Image; vstudio.photos)

Jul 5, 2015 – Wuppertal, Germany. (Credit Image; vstudio.photos)

The final of the world ranking list competition Senior I Standard showed an interesting constellation. The Czech champion, place 1 and 3 of the italian and of the german championship as well as the russian runner-up were assembled in the final. Just the world champions and winner of last year’s competition –Christian and Elena Bono- were missing. Though they signed in for the competitions but afterwards they signed off again. Clear winner of all dances were the Czechs Michal Mladek and Sarka Hesova. The Italian champions Luca Bandettini and Margherita Petrocchi followed them with a clear margin. After the viennese waltz three couples has been exactly level on points, including the german champions Thorsten Zirm and Sonja Schwarz, who forced up clearly in the following dances and safed the third place. Place 6 went to the other german couple in the final, Thorsten Strauß and Alma Marit Herrmann.

1. Michal Mladek/Sarka Hesova, Tschech. Republik (5)
2. Luca Bandettini/Margherita Petrocchi, Italien (14)
3. Thorsten Zirm/Sonja Schwarz, Blau-Gold Casino, Darmstadt (17)
4. Vitaly Rogachevsky/Tatiana Nikolaeva, Russland (19)
5. Ignazio Grignani/Ilaria Gianfranchi, Italien (20)
6. Thorsten Strauß/Alma Marit Herrmann, TSA im VfL Pinneberg (30)

written by Ulrike Sander-Reis on Jul 5th, 2015

2015-07-05_Ceruti-Cappello45 couples started their competition of WDSF Senior IV Standard under midsummery temperature conditions. And they all showed shape and stamina. In comparison with the world championship there was no change on the podium. Winner of the competition and of all dances as well were the reigning champions Luciano Ceruti and Rosa Nuccia Cappello from Italy. Place two went to the runners-up of last years competition Bram and Ans Stelling from the Netherland with place two in all dances. Happy with their achieved third place were Alessandro Barbone and Patrizia Flamini from Italy. The forth place –just like last year- went to Germany. This year the german couple Heinrich and Monika Schulz gained this place. Place 5 went to Giuseppe Iannazzi and Silvana Uzzoli from Italy, followed by Jaap and Marianne Willemstein from the Netherlands.

1. Luciano Ceruti/Rosa Nuccia Cappello, Italien (5)
2. Bram und Ans Stelling, Niederlande (10)
3. Alessandro Barbone/Patrizia Flamini, Italien (15)
4. Heinrich und Monika Schmitz, TSC Grün-Gelb Erftstadt (22)
5. Giuseppe Iannazzi/Silvana Uzzoli, Italien (24)
6. Jaap und Marianne Willemstein, Niederlande (29)

written by Petra Dres on Jul 5th, 2015

2015-07-04_Fenandez-GuileraOn Sunday in the early morning the Senior II couples started their competition WDSF World Open Latin. Happily the auditorium was already well-stocked. 40 couples from 8 nations enjoyed the great ambience of the historical townhall. Francisco Javier Otamendi Fenandez and Lourdes Dominguez Guilera from Spain are new in the age group Senior II and after their success in the WDSF Open in Vienna they could also win this competition.

The second place was given to Andrea Tozzi and Isabella Galvan from Italy. The bronze medal went to Jean-Hugues Henneghien and Eun-Sook Scherf from Belgium. Also two german couples were very pleased to achieve the final. The jury placed Achim Hobel and Kerstin Hahn from Porz on place 4 and Rolf and Iris Pernat from Saarlouis behind them on place 5. For Hirofumi Sakamoto and Junko Sakamoto from Japan the long trip to Wuppertal was worth it. They were very happy about their 6. place.

1. Francisco Javier Otamendi Fenandez / Lourdes Dominguez Guilera, Spain
2. Andrea Tozzi / Isabella Galvan, Italy
3. Jean-Hugues Henneghien / Eun-Sook Scherf, Belgium
4. Achim Hobl / Kerstin Hahn, Germany
5. Rolf Pernat / Iris Pernat, Germany
6. Hirofumi Sakamoto / Junko Sakamoto, Japan

written by Sabine Hey on Jul 5th, 2015

Ehrung_04During the evening event the DTV-vice-presidents Dr. Tim Rausche and Thomas Wehling honoured two deserving members of the german dancesport federation.

First the badge of honour was given to Adalbert Wigger, the president of the german federation of dance trainers. Also the TNW sportmanager Ivo Münster has been awarded for his outstanding merit and his dedication to the success of the danceComp.

written by Volker Hey on Jul 5th, 2015

Jul 5, 2015 - Wuppertal, Germany. 12. danceComp. (Credit Image; vstudio.photos)

Jul 5, 2015 – Wuppertal, Germany. 12. danceComp. (Credit Image; vstudio.photos)

“Seven out of 76” has been the motto of the latin final late at night on Saturday, which could not be more top-class. With 4 won dances the third of the world championship Youth Latin Fabian Ardeiu and Manea Andreea Raluca came out on top and won the gold medal in Wuppertal. They just yielded the Paso Doble to their competitors from Thailand Shinawat Lerson/Krittaporn Manasuth, who gained the second place in all the other dances. A duel has been fighted between Angelo Iovanna/Carola Bufalino and Mikahail Dezhurov/Yelena Borovskaya which has been decided finally with just one place difference by the Italian couple. In the judgement of these two couples you could find marks from 2 up to mark 7. Also the fifth place went to Kasachstan. The places 6 and 7 stayed in Germany. Arthur Ankerstein/Georgiana Barbu stayed ahead of David Osievitch/Elisabeth Wormsbecher.

1. Fabian Ardeiu/Manea Andreea Raluca, Rumänien (6)
2. Shinawat Lerson/Krittaporn Manasuth, Thailand (9)
3. Angelo Iovanna/Carola Bufalino, Italien (17)
4. Mikahail Dezhurov/Yelena Borovskaya, Kasachstan (18)
5. Ayan Zhumatayev/Liya Kazbekova, Kasachstan (25)
6. Arthur Ankerstein/Georgiana Barbu, Schwarz-Weiß Club Pforzheim (30)
7. David Osievitch/Elisabeth Wormsbecher, TD Tanzsportclub Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß (3

written by Gaby Schuck-Michels on Jul 4th, 2015

Jul 5, 2015 - Wuppertal, Germany. WDSF WO Standard, 12. danceComp. (Credit Image; vstudio.photos)

Jul 5, 2015 – Wuppertal, Germany. WDSF WO Standard, 12. danceComp. (Credit Image; vstudio.photos)

The historical town hall and the competition dancecomp itself obviously have a great attraction also for the international world of dancesport. Some of the couples in the final of the World Open Standard can be labelled as regular guests. The couples from Moldavia, Denmark and Poland which came on place 2 to 4 last year, also have been finalists this year. Very pleasing has been the increasing of percentage of german couples in the final. Valentin and Renata Lusin (place 5 last year) has been joined by the german champions Simone Segatori/Annette Sudol and the runners-up Anton Skurativ/Alena Uehlin. The world champions Segatori/Sudol won as expected with all best marks, but also the following positions were given clearly. The couple from Moldavia Nikolay Darin/Natalia Seredina defeated their second position from last year. Skuratov/Uehlin as well conquered the podium with the third place in all dances.

1. Simone Segatori/Annette Sudol, TSC Astoria Stuttgart (5)

2. Nikolay Darin/Natalia Seredina, Moldawien (10)

3. Anton Skuratov/Alena Uehlin, TTC München (15)

4. Giuseppe Longarini/Katarzyna Kapral, Polen (20)

5. Pasquale Farina/Sofie Koborg, Dänemark (25)

6. Valentin und Renata Lusin, TD TSC Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß (30)

written by Ulrike Sander-Reis on Jul 4th, 2015

The following 8 couples have an exemption for the first round of the WDSF World Open LAT. All couples have to be checked in before the competition starts. This is possible via SMS +49 157 332 976 66. Couples who are not checked in before the comp starts can not take part in any further round.

The second round will start approx. at 17:15. We kindly ask the star couples to be ready latest at 16:45.

Anton Aldaev / Natalia Polukhina, Marius-Andrei Balan / Khrystyna Moshenska, Marek Bures / Anastasia Khadjeh-Nouri, Telmo Madeira / Vanessa Ferrao, Miculescu Ionut Alexandru / Pacurar Andra, Daniil Ulanov / Kateryna Isakovych, Jokubas Venckus / Migle Klupsaite,  Adam Vasina / Dagmara Nowak

written by Ivo Münster on Jul 4th, 2015

The following 12 couples have an exemption for the first round of the WDSF SEN I Open STD. All couples have to be checked in before the competition starts. This is possible via SMS +49 157 332 976 66. Couples who are not checked in before the comp starts can not take part in any further round.

The second round will start approx. at 16:00. We kindly ask the star couples to be ready latest at 15:30.

Luca Bandettini / Margherita Petrocchi, Michael Boltz / Veronika Boltz, Jaroslav Cekl / Dagmar Ceklova, Klaus Genterczewsky / Julia Quinot, Ignazio Grignani / Ilaria Gianfranchi, Jörg Gutmann / Dr. Isabel Matthes, Kemeny Tamas / Princz Nora, Andreas Lippok / Karin Eva Rode, Michal Mladek / Sarka Hesova, Vitaly Rogachevsky / Tatiana Nikolaeva, Simone Viola / Manuela Scorzosi, Thorsten Zirm / Sonja Schwarz

written by Ivo Münster on Jul 4th, 2015

2015-07-04_Lindner-Lindner2Early in the morning 111 couples started competing in the Seniors III Standard competition. In the afternoon around 3 pm the winner was honored. The current World Champions Michael and Beate Lindner gained almost all best marks and the overall victory. Last year’s winner couple Jari and Anne Redsven won the silver medal. With only one point Olivier Albert and Muriel Haegel Gastaldi had the lead over Wolfgang Walter and Ilse von Beyer and ended the competetition on the third place. Alexander Hick/Petra-Alexandra Leßmann were ranked fifth while Giacomo Guglielmi/Manola Priori were on the sixth place.


1. Michael und Beate Lindner, Blau-Gold Casino Darmstadt (5)

2. Jari und Anne Redsven, Finnland (10)

3. Olivier Albert und Muriel Haegel Gastaldi, Italien (18)

4. Wolfgang Walter/Ilse von Beyer, TSC Rot-Gold Nürnberg (19)

5. Alexander Hick/Petra-Alexandra Leßmann, TSC Rot-Gold Sinsheim (24)

6. Giacomo Guglielmi/Manola Priori, Italien (29)

written by Petra Dres on Jul 4th, 2015

For spectators from all over the world there will be the possibility to watch this years danceComp live.

On saturday from 14:00 till end you can follow the happenings via live-stream. Like in the last years as well this will be free of charge.

Be part of it – even if you are not part of it.

written by Tim Wattenberg on Jul 4th, 2015

2015-07-03_Viciana Lopez-MoyaThe WDSF-Open Competition in Senior I Latin was a real challenge in blazing heat. 47 couples from eleven nations (even one couple from Japan) showed amazing condition despite the weather and gave their best from the beginning at 5:00 pm on. Two spanish couples were judged the best in the competition. RubenVicinana Lopez / Eva Moya won, Carlos Ciera / Eva Nieto were runner-up. Bronze went to Andreas Hoffmann / Isabel Krüger from Cologne.

Place four was given to the belgish couple Michael Horstmann / Denise Heller. Dmytro Kapustynskyy / Yevgeniia Sikorska from the Ukraine ended the competition on place five in front of Michele Squarcini / Diletta Masi from Italy who were placed sixth.

1. RubenVicinana Lopez / Eva Moya, Spanien (5)

2. Carlos Ciera / Eva Nieto, Spanien (11)

3. Andreas Hoffmann / Isabel Krüger, Excelior Köln (16)

4. Michael Horstmann / Denise Heller, Belgien (20)

5. Dmytro Kapustynskyy / Yevgeniia Sikorska, Ukraine ( 24)

6. Michele Squarcini / Diletta Masi, Italien (29)

written by Sabine Hey on Jul 3rd, 2015

Historical Townhall
am Johannisberg
Johannisberg 40
42103 Wuppertal


Next dates:

3.-5. July 2015
12. danceComp Wuppertal

1.-3. July 2016
13. danceComp Wuppertal

7.-9. July 2017
14. danceComp Wuppertal