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Participation in DTV Competitions for Couples of other Nations

( Cross-Boarder-Agreement )

The DTV (German Federation) has decided to change from the currently paper based Certification book of competition results to an online system and to manage major parts of the communication through this system. To realise this the internet platform was set up with a newly created database named ESV, which will host all results of the DTV competitions. Sportspeople of the DTV get an ID card with an ID number and apicture to identify the individual.

Beginning with competitions after July 1st 2015 registrations for DTV competitions can only be done through this portal. This implies changes for you too, if you want to participate in DTV competitions. ( Function is ava. from week 24/2015 on )

Therefore there are functions for couples to set up ESV accounts and to register for DTV competitions in the portal so that you still can participate in the „cross-border-danceagreement“.

By giving following data on it will be possible to get a log-in and ID numbers:

  • Name
  • date of birth
  • E-Mailaddress
  • Electronical picture (optional)
  • Country
  • Club (optional)
  • Grade und group of performance level

Afterwards you can register for DTV competitions. Later on we will provide functions for splitting and rearranging of couples.

We intend to provide online help at the portal. Although you can contact our support under

We would be pleased if you would participate at the DTV competitions further on.