34 couples danced the WDSF Open Senior I Latin – the best couples went to Wuppertal to dance this competition in the beautiful main hall in the historical townhall. After three rounds the final was fixed. Valentino Esposito/Laura Zaccagnino from Italy won just ahead of Carlos Cirera/Eva Nieto from Spain. Ruben Viciana Lopez/Eva Moya were placed achieved the bronze medal.

Paolo Croce/Petra Kaskova were placed fourth overall, having reached place three in Cha Cha Cha and Rumba. Andreas Hoffmann/Isabel Krüger (TSC Mondial Köln) were placed fifth just ahead of Michael Horstmann/Denise Heller, starting for Belgium.

  1. Valentino Esposito /Laura Zaccagnino, Italien
  2. Carlos Cirera / Eva Nieto, Spanien
  3. Ruben Viciana Lopez / Eva Moya, Spanien
  4. Paolo Croce / Petra Kaskova, Italien
  5. Andreas Hoffmann / Isabel Krüger, Mondial Köln
  6. Michael Horstmann / Denise Heller, Belgien