Quite early in the morning, at 08:30 a.m., 116 couples began the WDSF Open Senior III Standard competition in the Historical Townhall in Wuppertal with three world champion finalists and four dc-finalists of the previous years.  At the beginning already the potential finalists could not be overlooked. In the end there were two couples each from Russia, Finland and Germany.

The two german couples dominated the competition right from the beginning. Superior to the the other finalists the reigning world champions Michael and Beate Lindner won the competition. Bernd Farwick/Petra Vossholz followed as clearly on place two. The bronze medalists of the last world championship, Jari and Anne Redsven swapped places with the vice world champions Jouko and Helja Leppala in comparison to the last world championship. In the dc-competition Redsvens came in fron an got the bronze medal ahead of Leppalas who had to admit the defeat. New in this final and here placed fifth Nikolay Palagichev/Irina Krutova sent Andrey Kukk/Anna Berezina down to place six.

  1. Michael und Beate Lindner, Blau-Gold Casino Darmstadt (5)
  2. Bernd Farwick/Petra Vossholz, TSC Ems-Casino Blau-Gold Greve (10)
  3. Jari und Anne Redsven, Finnland (16)
  4. Jouko und Helja Leppala, Finnland (20)
  5. Nikolay Palagichev/Irina Krutova, Russland (25)
  6. Andrey Kukk/Anna Berezina, Russland (29)