Will danceComp take place this year ?


This question is raised frequently these days. However, we are unable to provide a definitive answer yet.

The actual status (09 Apr 2021) is as follows:

This year danceComp will definitively not be postponed. Either it will take place 2-4 Jul 2021 or it will be cancelled.

Any arrangements required for proper conduct of danceComp were made.

We do all in our power that danceComp can take place this year, provided that corona regulations permit us to do so. With respect to organization and economics the event has to be feasible as well.

For the case that danceComp can not be carried out to the full extent we are actually evaluating various options for downscaling the set of competitions.

In order to find the best way forward we will wait as long as possible until we finally decide whether and how danceComp will take place this year.

Not later than in the course of May we will announce either that danceComp has to be cancelled for this year or which set of competitions will be provided for this year’s danceComp. Not earler than after this announcement, registration for WDSF competitions and DTV competitions will be opened as well as the ticket shop for guests.

On behalf of the danceComp organising team

Klaus Meng