For Hongbo Wu/Lu Wanying the long journey from China was worth it as they convinced the judges in all five dances and won the WDSF Rising Star Standard competition which started with 71 couples. Pavel Kopaev/Sofia Esayan from Armenia were placed second in four dances and third in Quickstep. Martin Schmiel/Carolin Queck from Berlin won the bronze medal just ahead of Dominik Stöckl/Madeline Weingärtner from Stuttgart. Guilio Petrilli/Riikka Koponen from Finland reached place five ahead of Egor Nkolaev/Aleksandra Raskatova from Russia who completed the final on place six.


  1. Hongbo Wu/Wanying Lu, China
    2. Pavel Kopaev/Sofia Esayan, Armenien
    3. Martin Schmiel/Carolin Queck, Deutschland
    4. Dominik Stöckl/Madeline Weingärtner, Deutschland
    5. Giulio Petrilli/Riikka Koponen, Finnland
    6. Egor Nikolaev/Aleksandra Raskatova, Russland