Already at 09 o´clock in the morning 38 couples started in the Senior II Latin tournament. After three rounds the six final couples were clear. Timo Lindfors/Ekaterina Krutovskaya-Kauppinen won three dances including the Jive whereas Francisco Javier Otamendi Fenandez/Lurdes Dominguez Guilera won the Cha Cha and the Paso Doble and became second. Marc Becker/Nicole Giersbeck from Bremerhaven were placed third, Dirk and Fabienne Regitz from Weinheim fourth. Place five was reached by the french couple Ludovic Laczkowski/Patricia Dore.  The final was completed by Jokubas Thomas Schlehufer/Natalie Pickshaus-Jonscher on place six.


  1. Timo Lindfors/Ekaterina Krutovskaya-Kauppinen, Finnland
  2. Francisco Javier Otamendi Fenandez/Lourdes Dominguez Guilera, Spanien
  3. Marc Becker/Nicole TSG Bremerhaven
  4. Dirk Regitz/Fabienne Regitz, Germany
  5. Ludovic Laczkowski/Patricia Dore, Frankreich
  6. Thomas Schlehufer/Natalie Pickshaus-Jonscher, Tanzsportclub Dortmund