WDSF Rising Star Latin

54 couples took part in the WDSF Rising Star Latin competition, the reason for the great atmosphere in the main hall in the Historical Town Hall of Wuppertal in the early afternoon. The final consisted of four couples from Germany and one couple from each Belarus and China.

Nine of thirteen judges placed Mikael Tatarkin/Anja Pritelj first – thus the regional vice champions of Hessen left the dance floor as winners at the 14th danceComp. The German success continued with Jan Janzen/Vitalina Bunina on place three. The couple from Pforzheim was placed third behind the competitors from Belarus, Vitali Nestsiarovich/Ekaterina Tolmacheva, in all dances.

Zhu Yinghzho/Fan Hongming broke through this german phalanx with just one point ahead of Nikita Kuzmin/Nicole Wirt who were placed fourth in Rumba and Jive. For David Ovsievitch/Katarina Stefkova place six was left over. „All four German couples presented their best performance this evening“, German national latin coach, Horst Beer, reported happily.

  1. Mikael Tatarkin/Anja Pritekelj, Tanzsportzentrum Heusenstamm (5)
  2. Vitali Nestsiarovich/Ekaterina Tolmacheva, Weißrussland (10)
  3. Jan Janzen/Vitalina Bunina, Schwarz-Weiß Club Pforzheim (15)
  4. Zhu Yingzhou/Fan Hongming, China (22)
  5. Nikita Kuzmin/Nicole Wirt, Tanzsportzentrum Heusestamm (23)
  6. David Osievitch/Katarina Stefkova, TD Tanzsportclub Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß (30)