In the afternoon 92 couples startet the WDSF Open Latin competition in the main hall of the Historical Townhall. In the first round already it was clear, nobody should have a rest – the quality was high, even before the examptions stepping in. The last 24 couples thrilled the audience, the couples had to to their best to reach the next round.

Marius-Andrej Balan/Khrystyna Moshenska presented the finest latin dancing and triumphed clearly. Likewise clearly Anton Aldaev/Natalia Polukhina danced to the second place. The local heroes Artur Balandin/Anna Salita were placed third being feted by the audience. Winson Tam/Anastasia Novikova developped from place five Samba to place four in the following dances ahead of Maxim Stepanov/Ksenia Rybina on place overall. The final was completed by Jokubas Venckus/Migle Klubsaite on place six.

1. Marius-Andrei Balan / Khrystyna Moshenska, Schwarz-Weiß-Club Pforzheim (193.459)
2. Anton Aldaev / Natalia Polukhina, Russland (179.668)
3. Artur Balandin / Anna Salita, T.T.C. Rot-Weiß-Silber Bochum (175.499)
4. Winson Tam / Anastasia Novikova, Kanada (171.749)
5. Maxim Stepanov / Ksenia Rybina, Schwarz-Weiß-Club Pforzheim (169.750)
6. Jokubas Venckus / Migle Klubsaite, Litauen (166.003)