dC WDSF Open Senior I Standard

With a delay of one hour the six finalists startet their last round of this competition. 93 couples had started at 12:00 a.m., nine hours later the finalists were honoured right after a hard battle for places 1 to 4 by couples from Italy, Austria and Germany. In the end the world champion finalists Ignazio Grigani/Ilaria Gianfranchi won with a lead of one point over Ronald and Sabine Lux from Austria. The second italian couple in this final came in third ahead the german national champions and the semi-finalists of the last world championchip Thorsten Zirm/Sonja Schwarz. With a distance of five points Victor Fischer/Alexandra Rehn followed on place five just ahead Tomas Rimkus/Nerjia Surblyte.

  1. Ignazio Grignani/Ilaria Gianfranchi, Italien (7)
    2. Ronald und Sabine Lux, Österreich (8)
    3. Luca Bandettini/Margherita Petrocchi, Italien (18)
    4. Thorsten Zirm/Sonja Schwarz, TSZ Blau-Gold Casino Darmstadt (19)
    5. Victor Fischer/Alexandra Rehn, Gelb-Schwarz Casino München (24)
    6. Tomas Rimkus/Nerija Surblyte, Litauen (29)