With a little delay the six couples began the World Open Standard final in the town hall of Wuppertal. The first round had to be started again after the Slow Waltz as one starting numer was seen twice.

Despite the late evening the finalists incited the sligtly tired audience to thunderous applause. With a clear lead in all dances Anton Skuratov/Alena Uehlin won their first dc-gold medal. The russian couple Evgeny Nikitin/Anastasia Miliutina came in second. Tomas Fainsil/Violetta Posmenaya won the bronze medal with a slight distance to Dumitru Doga/Sarah Ertmer in every dance. The russian couple Dmitri Kolob/Signe Busk were placed fifth, Winson Tam/Anastasia Novikova followed as sixth.


  1. Anton Skuratov / Alena Uehlin, TTC München (183.209)
    2. Evgeny Nikitin / Anastasia Miliutina, Russland (178.665)
    3. Tomas Fainsil / Violetta Posmetnaya, TSC Astoria Stuttgart (173.751)
    4. Dumitru Doga / Sarah Ertmer, TD TSC Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß (172.417)
    5. Dmitri Kolobov / Signe Bus, Dänemark (171.210)
    6. Winson Tam / Anastasia Novikova, Kanada (166.467)