Friday eventing the dC Jive Cup turned out to become the first highlight on the danceComp. A considerable increase of 63% of couples encouraged the organizers and assured that this competition is accepeted by both dancers and audience. 33 couples started the Jive Cup showing great dedication an energy. Juvenile and senior couples had fun as well as same sex dancers and handicapped dancers. And so the final of five couples featured a width of dancing belonging to our sport.

Ingo Mandel/Rosina Witschke from Berlin reached place five, the juvenile II couple Stefan Simon/Katrin Reicher from Cologne were placed fourth. The retired couple Martin Klose/Kristina Kratz (formerly FG Bochum/Velbert), offering a short comeback were regarded with the bronze medal. With the help of the scating roules place two was calculated – Philip Köhler/Maria Schneider (active dancers in FG Bochum/Velbert as well) were happy to gain silver. The reigning German champions wheelchair dancing, Stefan Kühne/Vanessa Zellmann from Krefeld, turned out to be the number one audience favourites and impressed by rhythmical dancing and positive aura and proved that good dancing is possible for handicapped people as well.