***** Attention: in the Offenbach Hall 1 tournament on Saturday and some tournaments on Sunday are expected to start 30 minutes earlier *****

Due to the sometimes significantly different starting numbers of the individual tournaments compared to the previous year, in some cases the starting times had to be adjusted compared to the previously published planning. In a number of cases there are shifts 15 min backwards or forwards, in the Offenbach-Saal but it affects a tournament on Saturday and some tournaments on Sunday, where the now scheduled start is 30 minutes earlier.

Nevertheless, there may be further changes, as in some cases the takeoff numbers are close to the limit at which an additional round must be inserted or a round is dropped. As in the previous year, there are screens in several places in the hall where the following rounds of the three halls are displayed. Please orientate yourself.
Please also remember that check-in closes 30 minutes before the tournament starts.

Here you find the current starttimes