Oliver Wessel-Therhorn-Award


2018 Sittichai Preyadara
2017 Heidi Götz und Michael Eichert
2016 William Pino
2015 Heinz Späker und Cor van de Stroet
2014 Ralf Müller und Olga Müller–Omeltchenko
2013 Horst Beer
2012 David Simon
2011 Christa Fenn
2010 Geoffrey Hearn

Oliver Wessel-Therhorn-Award 2018

As part of the 15th Dancecomp, Sittichai Preyadara was honored with the Oliver Wessel-Therhorn Award for his close ties and his untiring commitment to dance sport in Thailand.

Heinz Späker – gave the eulogy to the Thai sports director Sittichai Preyadara, who was delighted to receive the award from the previous year’s winner, national sportsman Michael Eichert.

Oliver Wessel-Therhorn-Award 2017

TNW President Norbert Jung honored the outstanding achievements of the award winner Heidi Götz in his laudatory speech. For decades she has been dancing as a dancer, then as a trainer, judge and official throughout the world. From the beginning she was involved in organizing the Austrian Open and is the soul of this international event.

Ten years ago, she was appointed by the then President to the WDSF Presidency, where she took over the Communication Department. She brought the dance sport with the modern techniques of communication into a new age. Under her leadership, the website of the WDSF became the number one worldwide dance website on the World Wide Web.

Interpersonal communication also plays an important role for Heidi Götz, always addressing the couples from all over the world in person and keeping in touch with the officials. For many years she has been present at numerous major tournaments in order to report on it as promptly and authentically as possible. (Sabine Hey)

Ivo Münster, sportsman of the TNW, took over the eulogy for national sportsman Michael Eichert and honored his more than 40 years of volunteer work on various levels. First, he was at club level 15 years Sportwart in 1 TC Ludwigsburg, followed by seven years in the office of Vice President for the club.

At the state level, the path led him through the appointment in teaching to Lehrwart before he took over in 1994, the office of sports warden in the TBW. He accompanied and supported the German Open from the very beginning.

From the year 1993, Michael Eichert became involved nationwide as a secretary and four and a half years later was elected national sportsman. To this day, he is committed with a lot of commitment and passion for “his” dance athletes and the dance sport nationally and internationally.

Already in 2010 he entered international territory as “Ordinary Member” of the then IDSF-Presidium (since 2011 WDSF) and held the position of 2nd Vice President WDSF until June of this year and was also a member of the WDSF until that time Chair Sports Commission.

His path was accompanied by countless medal awards and continued at the 14th danceComp with the presentation of the Oliver-Wessel-Therhorn Award.

Visibly moved, both Heidi Götz and Michael Eichert accepted this special award. “Many thanks for this award. For me it is not just an award, but above all an appreciation of the volunteer work. This is no longer self-evident today! “So Heidi Götz after the ceremony. Michael Eichert added the thanks with the words: “It is always said that everyone is replaceable, which may be true for some. But for one, this certainly does not apply! Oliver Wessel-Therhorn can not be replaced. We miss him very much! “(Gaby Michel)

Oliver Wessel-Therhorn-Award 2016

With a very personal laudation Dr. Thomas Kokott honored this year’s  honorees of the OWT Award, William Pino.

The long-time friend and companion of deceased National Trainer Oliver Wessel-Therhorn  was visibly moved while receiving the award from Horst Beer (National Trainer Latin).

Norbert Jung handed over the honorary certificate.

Oliver Wessel-Therhorn-Award 2015

New awardees of the OWT-Award, given by the danceComp, are Heinz Späker and Cor van de Stroet. The award was endowed to commemorate the coach of german national dancers Oliver Wessel-Therhorn, who deceased in 2010. Until now the award was only given to one person and one couple (Ralf Müller and Olga Omeltchenko).

This year the TNW has chosen two awardees. President of the TNW, Norbert Jung, honored Heinz Späker who served the dance sport for over 35 years, first as a sports director for the TNW then ten years as a sports director for the DTV and another 16 years as a sports director for the international organisation WDSF. In his speech Heinz Späker remembered Oliver Wessel-Therhorn,who he knew as dancer and coach.

In his laudation on the dutch judge Cor van de Stroet TNW-sports director Ivo Münster said:”you can trust this man to 150%.” Cor van Stroet was Dutch Champion in the professional section for 10 times and led the Dutch organisation as a president for 25 years. He is jury-president in the dutch version of “Dancing with the Stars” (“Let’s Dance”). The OWT-Award was given to him by a former awardee: Christa Fenn.

Oliver Wessel-Therhorn-Award 2014

Obviously stirred Ralf Müller and Olga Müller-Omeltchenko received this year´s OWT award presented by last year´s laureate Horst Beer.

Norbert Jung, the president of the dancesport association Nordrhein Westfalen, remembered the numerous success of the exceptional couple who inspired plenty of dancers within their unique career as current adjudicators and trainers.

In his laudatory speech Ralf Müller honoured many unforgetable show dances acquired with the late federal trainer Oliver Wessel-Therhorn that led them to two world championship titles.

Oliver Wessel-Therhorn-Award 2013

During the latin Competition of the Professional Division Horst Beer has recieved the Oliver Wessel-Therhorn Award 2013.

The award was presented by Norbert Jung,  President of the North Rhine-Westfalian DanceSport Federation.

The winnner of the last year, David Simon has given the trophy, Christa Fenn has given the document to Horst Beer.

Oliver Wessel-Therhorn-Award 2012

David Simon from the Netherlands received the Oliver Wessel – Therhorn award. He was honoured for his outstanding contributions to DanceSport and and for meritorious initiatives in fostering friendships between the Dutch and the German DanceSport communities.

The award was presented by last year’s winner Christa Fenn and by Norbert Jung,  President of the North Rhine-Westfalian DanceSport Federation. It is named after the legendary Dancesport champion and trainer Oliver Wessel – Therhorn, who passed away in 2011.

Oliver Wessel-Therhorn-Award 2011

The bureau of dance sport federation of North Rhine Westphalia has decided to change the name of the danceComp Award in memory of Oliver Wessel Therhorn.

First recipient of the Award under the new name was Christa Fenn.

Deeply moved she gain this award in the evening of 2nd July in the historical town hall from the hands of Oliver´s widow and his two children Raphael and Rebecca

Christa Fenn maked a name for oneself as a dancer, coach, judge and trainer supervisor over many years

With continuing applause thanked the large numbers of attending competitors and spectators Christa Fenn.

Oliver Wessel-Therhorn-Award 2010

In 2010 the organisers of the danceComp presented the first danceComp Award.

The recipient was Geoffrey Hearn, who received the award for his many contributions and life work in dance sport as a coach, author and publisher. The laudatory speech was delivered by Oliver Wessel-Therhorn.